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Randle Flowers has been hunting and fishing Reelfoot Lake for over 44 years.
Randle Flowers Bio: Reelfoot Lake Duck and Fishing Guide Randle Flowers has been hunting and fishing Reelfoot Lake for over 45 years, and has been guiding professionally for 22 years. Now being retired from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company after 31 years of service, Randle now can devote 100% to his own Guide Services, with other local Walnut Log Guides.

Our Blinds are located just off of Long-Point Federal Refuge, or just a few hundred yards in open water. Our Blinds have a large spreads of decoys, which are heated and one meal provided daily.

Booking Hunt

We like to hunt in small groups of three to six people. We will provide a list of local motels in area. There will be a $50 deposit per person per day, due when booking hunt. No refunds on deposit.

Hunting Cost Per-Day

Hunting cost will be $125 per-person per-day Monday - Sunday
paypal.jpg - 4932 Bytes We will accept money orders, cashier's check, and personal checks. We will accept credit cards thru PayPal only.

Motel available at $25 per-man per-day, at Reelfoot Outdoors.

Come and join us for your Reelfoot Water Fowling Experience!

Here's a checklist of items to bring:

  • Tennessee Hunting License (You will need - Non-Resident / Resident License, Federal Duck Stamp, Reelfoot Reservation Permit, TN Waterfowl License and Migratory Bird Permit)
  • Reelfoot Lake Preservation permit
  • Warm Boots
  • Rain Gear
  • Federal Duck Stamp
  • 1 extra change of clothing
  • Warm Camouflage Clothing (socks, long johns, sweat shirt, & pants)
  • Shotgun & Shells (12 0r 20 ga. with #2's will be fine)
    Steel shot or Non-Toxic only
  • Blind Bag
  • Warm hat & gloves
  • Flash Light & Camera

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